Monday, February 20, 2012


I wrote transparent love letters to you again this Valentine's Day and thought, has it really been a year? and wished I could become transparent, too, or at least that my skin could be transparent, so everyone could see not just the obvious things like my heart and mind but all the songs trying to spill from my throat and the shoulders which seem to have sunken in from weight and how much stronger I've become--and then perhaps you would remember everything--but if I did that, the scary people would see inside of me, too, wouldn't they? so I don't become transparent.

I've smiled and made colourful sweets for my friends (which were late), I sang a song (which was also late), and now I'm writing late, and I haven't been keeping up with my friends' blogs... I'm really sorry! I'll definitely do it soon!!

I forgot to take pictures of the sweets I made, but I thought I'd post some pretty pictures I found here

I really love cute sweets... ^^

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"thanks", "The Adventures of a Lone Princess", "The Golden Afternoon", "Thumbelina, the Lost Fairy", and Marie

If my feelings don't reach you, then...
(I've actually already posted "thanks", but it looks much better in this picture, doesn't it?)

"The Adventures of a Lone Princess"
She always dreamt of pictures, and she would do anything to become them.

"The Golden Afternoon"
The warm glow of sunflowers, afternoon tea, and you.

"Thumbelina, the Lost Fairy"
Always make certain to be lost. Always make certain to find the way back.
(Thanks so much to my friend, Dorothy, for posing as Thumbelina.)

Finally, here is the (fixed) character artwork for Marie:
(Namely, the shape of her mouth was fixed, her eyebrows and eyelashes were darkened so she looks less washed-out, and because it's the original file, the colours and picture quality look better... I'm posting it as more of a preview, though; when I've done the character artwork for the other characters who appear earlier in the story, I'll post it in full size and with character information).